Christian Sutter, Recitation

„... The older boy, who wears glasses and has as much hair as all the others put together – not falling around his shoulders, but frizzed out like an Afro – is studying the double bass at the Conservatoire. But he has no intention of burying himself for life in a symphony orchestra. Music is provocation. I uncork sympathetically ...”

Max Frisch, Sketchbook 1966-1971


The hair of said musician is that of Christian Sutter, it has however in the meantime somewhat thinned out. Against all original intentions Christian served for 35 years as Solo Double Bass in the Symphony Orchestra of Basel. To say that he was brought down and buried would be wrong. No, he would never allow this to happen. He is an active player of chamber music with Sir András Schiff, Heinz Holliger, Erich Höbarth, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, the Panocha Quartet, the Merel Quartet, the Sonos Ensemble, the Cappella Andrea Barca and others. He has worked with the composer György Kurtág, who has written many pieces for double bass solo for him. Apart from his wide array of musical activities and achievements as an enthusiastic Orchestral and Chamber Musician known as the «Poet on the Bass» he also is responsible for the much acclaimed literary Chamber Music Concert Series «Schwarz auf Weiss» in the Basel Paper Mill due to his ability to combine music and literature, like on his very special and successful solo performances «Romance with a Double Bass», based on a novel by Anton Cechov or his own version of «The Double Bass» by Patrick Süskind.