Winterthur String Quartet



Roberto González Monjas, Violin

Pär Näsbom, Violin

Jürg Dähler, Viola

Cäcilia Chmel, Violoncello


Both the history and activities of the Winterthur String Quartet are difficult to compare with those of other formations of the same genre: The members of the Winterthur String Quartet have always been and still are the leaders of their register in the orchestra Musikkollegium Winterthur. The existence of an orchestra's own string quartet is a rarity worldwide and testifies to the long tradition of maintaining chamber music at the Muiskkollegium Winterthur.


The world's oldest quartet, which has existed since 1873, gained a name at home and abroad very early on. After World War II, at that time in the legendary line-up with Peter Rybar, Clemens Dahinden, Oskar Kromer and Antonio Tusa, concert tours led to Salzburg and Northern Italy, Holland, Belgium and Germany, and a considerable number of chamber music works was recorded by the American Concert Hall Society on LPs. Since its inception, the Winterthur String Quartet has cultivated not only the well-known repertoire but also the unknown and forgotten literature; many first and first performances testify to this. Generous patronage repeatedly enables concert programs with a rarity value, far from commercial interests. Renowned guest of recent years are artists such as Kit Armstrong und Dénes Várjon (piano), Ian Bostridge (tenor), Nicolas Altstaedt (cello), and Albrecht Mayer (oboe). Roberto Gonzáles-Monjas (1st violin, since 2014), Pär Näsbom (2nd violin, since 1987), Jürg Dähler (viola, since 1993) and Cäcilia Chmel (violoncello, since 1989) have very successfully continued the quartets unique history. Invitations to other cities in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, various collaborations with the SWISS CHAMBER CONCERTS as well as highly acclaimed CD recordings are just a few steps on the way of this renowned ensemble.