at the Pfingstfestival Schloss Brunegg!




Transit – whether you arrive at the airport or have to cross a city – is usually one of those annoying but unavoidable facts of life. The Latin word “transit” means “passage“ – something you’d rather put behind you with a minimum of fuss/without ever really having to experience it. Breaking the word down into its component parts, however, you get the amusing pun “Trans it”, which we might interpret as meaning, “Change it!”


Classical music has a great deal in common with passing (on?) and changing things! The daily task of composers and performers alike involves allowing sounds, chords, rhythms and melodies to shine forth in a new light with a constant goal of creating something new and personal. The 2018 Festival will take a closer look at these fascinating processes of renewal and transformation. Over a series of eight concerts entitled “Trans-it”, “Trans-cription”, “Trans-location”, “Trans-lation”, “Trans- formation”, “Trans-position”, “Trans-gression” and “Trans-mutation” we will present many enthralling examples of wondrous alteration.


The renowned Swiss-born composer Richard Dubugnon, our composer-in-residence for 2018, will present his personal views on the matter with a couple of new works and arrangements. We are delighted to welcome the internationally acclaimed violinist Corina Belcea as our Artiste Étoile 2018 alongside 13 top-class soloists from France, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.


Our visual for this 2018 edition shows an interconnected world opening up to the sky, its points of intersection metamorphosing into stars. For four whole days at Pentecost 2018, the cosmos over Brunegg will once more sing exclusively for you and make the world – your world – a better place. Let’s call it “Trans-it”!


We recommend that you book your tickets well in advance due to limited seat availability. We look forward to your visit! 





Jürg Dähler                    The von Salis family
Artistic director             Hosts