at the Pfingstfestival Schloss Brunegg!


LUDWIG VAN SCHNYDER - classical music and jazz in Brunegg


For the Beethoven anniversary year, we present the entire cycle of all Beethoven string quartets. The sixteen masterpieces symbolize Beethoven's monumental life's work, which tells of turbulent personal and political circumstances and was shaped by them in a lasting manner. The listener experiences both the opening of heavenly gates as well as the relentless disclosure of deepest human abysses. To this day, this cycle, with its almost limitless abundance of expression, remains unmatched and forms an unmistakable milestone in western cultural history.


And yet: Did you know that Beethoven's earliest living in Vienna was based on anything other than his composition activities, but rather on his fame as an improviser on the fortepiano in wealthy noble houses? That Ludwig van B. was so aware of his phenomenal ability to improvise that he claimed to be far superior than Mozart on this subject? And that he dismissed composing in letters to his publishers as being completely inadequate to represent the essence of a musical statement?


Such circumstances and statements are inevitably reminiscent of life forms and the creed of jazz musicians, 200 years later. What a stroke of luck, with the Zurich composer and saxophonist Daniel Schnyder as Composer & Artist 2020, to have found one of the great celebrities of todays concert business who is equally at home in classical music and jazz, who is able to drive his audiences to storms of enthusiasm as an improviser and interpreter of his own works, exactly like Beethoven back then, and who takes new, refrshing paths with his compositions.


The tightly knit juxtaposition of the two charismatic personalities reveals the constants as well as the radical breaks and changes in the development of classical music over the past two hundred years. "LUDWIG VAN SCHNYDER" offers a fascinating journey through the history of music culture and history of the extremes between heaven and hell, anger and goodness, between movement, standstill and silence, always highly virtuoso in design and profoundly truthful and humorous entertaining as an experience.




Jürg Dähler