to the  2021 Pentecost Festival at Schloss Brunegg! 



Renaissance music, Telemann and avantgarde music from Ticino will resonate with the complete performance of Mozart’s six string quintets

 "The old way revisited": this first interpretation of the festival theme describes the innovative programme of the Sunday morning concert featuring the Renaissance lute. The Mexican composer Manuel Maria Ponce’s famous neoclassical suite in the old style superbly complements these recently discovered or rediscovered pieces.


“New worlds of experience in a traditional setting”: this second interpretation highlights our constant leitmotiv at the Brunegg festival. With the lyrical and mystical music by Nadir Vassena, our 2021 Composer in Residence from Ticino, shifting between standstill and movement, we reflect the soundscapes of early music and Mozart's Viennese classical music using the sounds of our time. Crossing borders is part of the programme, as are enlightening experiences between the old and the new.


“Old things rethought”: Mozart was of course familiar with the format of the string quartet. What was new, however, was his invention of the string quintet with two violas. Just one more instrument, but what a difference it makes. Suddenly, chamber music sounds almost like a symphony orchestra. No wonder he used his six quintets as an opportunity to experiment for his later symphonies and operas. And, in the process, he awakened this added instrument from its slumbers and made it socially acceptable. In Mozart’s time the viola was almost non-existent as an instrument for solo use, but here, for the first time, he gives it a central role and sometimes even lets it lead. Mozart described the viola as his favourite instrument, and he played it brilliantly until the end of his life. The viola’s starring role at this year’s festival will encompass both the complete performance of Mozart's string quintets and an array of newly commissioned works.


“Innovation meets tradition”: this final, pithy interpretation could not possibly be more apt for the 2021 festival. “Fantasia Telemania” for solo flute is the second of our six concerts and shows how wonderful old music can inspire the creation of new works. We can look forward to an unforgettable weekend in the company of the soprano Sophie Klussmann, Hopkinson Smith on the lute, flautist Felix Renggli, violinist Irene Abrigo and the renowned Salzburg siblings Hanna, Gertrud and Bruno Weinmeister. Once more, this seventh edition of the festival will be one of the chamber music highlights of the Swiss festival landscape.


This year’s guests can enjoy a first, exclusive taste of the fine wine produced from traditional Riesling and Silvaner grapes grown on the slopes below the castle – a perfect combination of old and new for both the ears and the palate. We look forward to welcoming you to Brunegg, later than usual but with all the more anticipation!


Jürg Dähler, Artistic Director